My name is Lyda Djarar Fischer and I am the founder and creative director at Lyda Beauty. I’m on a mission to challenge society’s inside the box approach to beauty. I aim to inspire you through our high quality, forward-thinking makeup and boldly innovative cosmetic tools. My goal is to create a beauty culture that defies rules and expectations… and my hope is to challenge you to reach beyond your comfort zone and allow your most authentic self to shine through.

Why? Because growing up in Switzerland, a predominantly Caucasian country, really took a toll on my self-esteem. In a pre-internet era, there weren’t any role models that looked like me. Representation of my Persian culture was bleak, I knew I was different than the people I was exposed to on local TV and magazines. I recall developing such a complex that I even started applying my foundation several shades lighter, wearing contacts and stripping my hair to resemble golden honey locks. My rebellious characteristics didn’t sit well with many, including the conservative ideals and cultural expectations of my Iranian heritage. I constantly felt like I didn’t measure up, it felt like I wasn’t good enough most of the time and I began to crave a more diversified atmosphere.

In 2008, I moved to Los Angeles, California and it was then that I finally felt some sort of normalcy in my life. Here, I encountered a vibrant slew of free spirited and unique people, some that even looked like me.

The energy of this beautiful city and its many integrated cultures excited me. There were many faces of many colors, features and shapes. My favorite part was that they were perceived as stunning and positively “exotic.” Walking through shopping centers, restaurants and beauty salons, I encountered women that looked like me and were treated normally.

While I didn’t have a clear path in mind yet, I knew then, that I wanted to dedicate my life to uplifting women, girls and those that identify with us. You see, the real me is a tomboy and badass and while it’s less frowned upon in LA it is still something that needs to be addressed everywhere. I’m a woman who has the guts to challenge norms and express herself freely and openly. I figured what better vehicle to inspire women than through the platform of cosmetics?

I soon incorporated, set out on my mission and started my mini revolution through likeminded people. I quickly attracted my tribe and chose to work with models that represented all of God’s “other” children for my photo/video shoots. Representation is an integral part of the Lyda Beauty culture… so if this resonates with you on any level, I’d like to extend a hand and welcome you to the esthetic revolution that is Lyda Beauty. Together, we will take back our individuality and liberty to break through the monotony of limiting societal beauty standards.

Lets gooo Bebes!