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“If only I had this product when I worked on Nicole Kidman for “The Paperboy”. It would have saved me a lot of steps and time! I can also tell you, without any doubt, that it is the best liner design I have ever seen, on any eyeliner, period! It allowed me to make tiny, tiny lines without depositing too much product and has the perfect slope to graduate with."

Robin Mathews

“You can’t reinvent the wheel, and you can’t reinvent makeup…until now! The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp literally reinvented makeup! I am so excited about this product, as it helps me achieve the perfect cat eye look for my clients!”

Glenn Nutley

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Customer Reviews

I love this eyeliner. I used to have to set aside an extra hour to do my makeup for special events. I had to allow time for me to redo my eyeliner because symmetrical wings are not my forte. 🤪With Lyda Beauty’s cat eye stamp, I get it right on the first try and it only takes a minute or two!! Thanks!!!!

Tia on Jun 16, 2018

This product is a dream! The stamp is a great tool to guide your cat eye shape. You might need two layers to get a fully opaque stamp, but it's so easy to use that I don't even mind. The pen on the other end is SO fine and perfect for finishing off the point of the wing. It dries down quickly so you don't need to worry about the product smearing or bleeding around anywhere. This is a great black liner to add to my makeup bag!

Rachel on Jun 07, 2018

The options were sleek and bold. I chose the combo because mostly I like very large cat eyes. Not quite amy winehouse but definitely a dramatic flair. The bold was like a normal sized cat eye. It was easy to do and it was even, but I was expecting a bigger look. The sleek was like a daytime look. They need an extra bold size for girls like me.

Erica on Jun 04, 2018

This isn't anything to do with the quality of the eyeliner, or the way it works. I love how easy it is, and it lasts a long time. I have an issue with one thing though. The pointy end is hard for me to open. It's smooth and snaps on and off, instead of being a screw on cap. When my fingers have product on them like moisturizer it's too slippery for me to grip and open easily. I think they should make it where it screws on and off or add something to grip it. Other than that I think it's great!

Amy on Jun 04, 2018

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