Cleopatra Cat Eye stamp & liner is fool-proof.

The stamp side of the applicator feeds liquid eyeliner to a felt tip that easily stamps onto the eyelids.

The fine tip side of the applicator glides on like a dream to finish off the perfect look.

Dermatologist Tested & Approved Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is toxin free and uses only the finest ingredients. It is also Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and cruelty free.

FDA Tested & Approved

Long lasting, yet safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 

Precision CAT EYE-liner in less than 60 seconds

The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp creates beautiful, symmetrical cat eyes with a unique and easy to use applicator.   It's available in two different sizes to achieve the most popular cat eye looks.

Developed with some of the best professional celebrity makeup artists in the world, the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is like having your own professional makeup artist available anytime you want. 

Our dual-sided applicator is pre-filled with indulgent and richly pigmented eyeliner that stamps the most dramatic, precise cat eyes ever.

It is the FIRST, and only cat eye stamp applicator to do the entire task using a single product. The stamp, the fine-tip point, and the liquid eyeliner are contained in ONE tool. No need to buy additional brushes, or eyeliners, as is necessary with other tools on the market.

“If only I had this product when I worked on Nicole Kidman for “The Paperboy,” as it was exactly what I needed to achieve her daily beauty look. It would have saved me a lot of steps and time! It is revolutionary! I can also tell you, without any doubt, that it is the best liner design I have ever seen, on any eyeliner, period! It allowed me to make tiny, tiny lines without depositing too much product and has the perfect slope to graduate with.

–  Oscar winning makeup artist, Robin Mathews

“You can’t reinvent the wheel, and you can’t reinvent makeup…until now! The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp literally reinvented makeup! I am so excited about this product, as it helps me achieve the perfect cat eye look for my clients!”

– Celebrity makeup artist, Glenn Nutley