“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”
-Zig Ziglar
Persian-Swiss born Lyda Djarar-Fischer grew up feeling inadequate. This was mostly due to often being the only brown girl in a predominantly blonde country. To top things off, Lyda wasn’t like the other girls in that she preferred to play sports and hang with the boys. Growing up, girly things like make-up, dresses, pink and all that glitters weren’t much of an interest to her. She would much rather play with a G.I. Joe than a Barbie.
During her adolescence, while other girls were at home playing with cosmetics and their mother’s heeled shoes, Lyda was taking kickboxing lessons, roughing it out with the boys, wearing beanies and listening to heavy hip-hop artists like 2Pac, Cypress Hill and M.O.P.
It wasn’t until Lyda started dating, that she began to open-up to the notion of using cosmetics and soon thereafter became comfortable with applying make-up routinely. Perceiving make-up more like an act of self-expression through “face painting”, really helped her fully accept using cosmetics. Applying make-up soon became second nature to Lyda, and she eventually mastered all but the winged/cat-eye liner look.
In 2015, while rushing to get ready for an event, Lyda became very frustrated that she couldn’t get the winged eyeliner to be symmetrical and exclaimed to her husband, Robijn, “Why can’t there just be a stamp or something to help with this!?!”. That’s when it hit Lyda, she’d invent an eyeliner tool to facilitate creating the perfect cat-eye!
In the coming days Lyda and her supportive husband, went to a local hobby store to buy clay and begin experimenting with different stamp-liner tool designs. Once they felt satisfied with their creation, Robijn took to the computer to make a more detailed blueprint of their idea and began the patent process, while Lyda worked on gathering all the other elements, to make their dream a reality.
Within a year’s time, the ambitiously creative duo formed an earth friendly and conscientious company named Lyda Beauty. Soon after, with the help of Lyda’s staff and PR team, they launched a successful Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp campaign. Word of the innovative, cruelty free and paraben free Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp, spread like wildfire and has since been featured in over 70+ top magazines, media outlets and has gained traction amongst make-up enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.
The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is the first and only cat eye stamp applicator to do the entire task using a single tool. Its stamp, fine felt-tip point and liquid eyeliner are all contained in a single, efficient and patented device. Lyda Beauty is currently working on making more industry shaking cosmetic tools.
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