The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is a sensational new make-up tool that solves the age long problem of creating a perfectly symmetrical winged/cat-eye look.

 The all-in-one patented applicator is:
cruelty free, paraben free, perfume free and toxin free
The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is beautifully shaped, compact and delivers a non-toxic and richly pigmented liquid eyeliner. Our revolutionary eyeliner has a precisely angled stamp on one end, a fine-felt tip point on the other and both ends are fed ink simultaneously by an intelligently designed reservoir. The eyeliner is hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. The stamp is available in two different widths, bold and sleek. The ease of application and perfect results has solidified the 2-in-1 applicator, as one of the best-selling winged eyeliner stamps in America.