Copy of About Lyda Beauty

Who we are:

We are an integrous beauty brand comprised of passionate individuals dedicated to creating exciting new ways to play with high-end (luxury) cosmetics. Lyda Beauty strongly believes that it is possible to create cosmetics that are both stunning and gentle, and pride ourselves in placing quality vegan ingredients above all else.

Our Mission:

We have made it our mission to push the envelope in the Beauty industry and challenge the status quo to step up their formulation game by example. The goal is to raise the bar across the board by using the latest technologies, and carve the way to the next generation of wholesome cosmetics.

Where we are headed:

Lyda Djarar Fischer, founded Lyda Beauty with the desire to help usher in the next generation of clean beauty – Super Clean Beauty.

Wanting to use her brand to set new precedents on procedures, formulations, and accountability, she challenged her own products by undergoing a stringent third party audit to ensure top notch quality. Our aim is to gain your full confidence by producing wholesome cutting edge products you can trust.

“Good ingredients make better products.” – Lyda