My beauty is the greatest gift.
I am beautiful in body, mind and spirit.
I choose to laugh and enjoy life
because it's what truly makes me beautiful.
The more positive I am
the more beautiful I become.
My skin is clear, healthy and radiant.
Day by day my skin becomes
more radiant and glowing.
I am grateful for my beautiful and vibrant skin.
I choose to eat healthy
and it shows in my youthful skin.
My skin is clean and smooth.
I am a beautiful woman.
I am blessed with my natural beauty.
Being beautiful comes easy to me.
I am comfortable in my own skin
and I exude confidence.
When I look in the mirror
I see a beautiful woman staring back.
I am a sexy Goddess.
Being a beautiful woman
comes naturally to me.
Every day in every way
I am getting more and more beautiful.
Every cell in my body is beautiful
and that beauty is radiated outwards.
My skin is smooth and radiant
and adds to my beauty.
I am beautiful as well as healthy.
I love myself, my body and life.
Beauty and I are one.
Beauty is as beauty does.
My complexion is clear and radiant.