Lyda's Story

 Swiss born Lyda Fischer, created the innovative new product. Lyda's cosmetics experience, prior to creating the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp, was simply purchasing makeup as an avid beauty consumer. She frustratingly watched online tutorials to learn how to apply the perfect cat eye herself.  Fischer tried several attempts at all of the complicated tricks available online. Time-consuming gimmicks, such as using teaspoons, string, or placing tape across the eyelids, just resulted in failures and mistakes. Lyda came up with the idea of a lifetime. She and her husband, Robijn Fischer, designed a prototype using clay from a local craft store. After perfecting the design, they filed for patent protection for the dual sided, stamp, and fine point eyeliner applicator, which we now see today, as the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp. It is the FIRST, and only cat eye stamp applicator to do the entire task using a single product. The stamp, the fine-tip point, and the liquid eyeliner are contained in ONE tool. No need to buy additional brushes, or eyeliners as is necessary with other tools on the market.

Lyda and Robijn partnered with longtime friends, and successful entrepreneurs, Giovanni Agnelli and Daniel Rossano. Together, they created Lyda Beauty.
Lyda then enlisted top celebrity makeup industry friends, Oscar winning makeup artist, Robin Mathews, and internationally acclaimed makeup artist, Glenn Nutley, for feedback.
Both Mathews and Nutley were blown away by the Cleopatra Cat Eye stamp, and jumped on board immediately as brand ambassadors and partners.


The Product

The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is a sensational new product that solves a huge problem for women of all ages. It creates the perfectly symmetrical  “cat eye” or “winged eye” look in less than 60 seconds with minimal effort. The patent pending device is a compact, beautifully shaped applicator that delivers richly pigmented liquid eyeliner, to a precisely angled stamp on one end, and a fine tipped point on the other. The eyeliner is dermatologist approved, and is hypoallergenic, free of toxins, and fragrances. It is available in two different sizes, bold and sleek. The ease of application and perfect results will solidify the 2-in-1 applicator, as one of the best selling eyeliner stamps in America. 



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