My name is Lyda and I am the founder and creative director at Lyda Beauty. I’m on a mission to challenge society’s inside-the-box approach to beauty by bringing you forward-thinking, innovative and bold makeup and beauty tools that encourage you to break the rules and express your most authentic self.
For most of my life, I didn't fit in. I knew I looked different than most of the women I saw on TV or in magazines. I applied my foundation several shades lighter and I lightened my hair to resemble golden honey locks. My rebellious and brash characteristics didn't fit in neatly into the veiled ideals and cultural expectations of my Iranian background. I constantly felt like I didn't stack up, like I wasn't good enough.
It wasn’t until I left for Los Angeles that I finally encountered the vibrant diversity I had yearned for all my life. Faces of many colors and features of many shapes were perceived as stunning and positively “exotic.” Walking through shopping centers, going to restaurants and beauty salons, I encountered women that looked like me and were treated normally.
While I didn’t have a clear path in mind, it was at that moment in my life that I realized I wanted to make women feel secure and confident about themselves. You see, the real me is a tomboy, a badass, a ballbuster. A woman who has the guts to challenge norms and express herself freely and openly. And if that’s the real you too, the powerful badass woman that’s been hiding underneath, then I want to challenge you to be brave and dare to express yourself without fear of judgment.
Together, we are taking back our individuality and the liberty to break through the monotony of societal beauty standards!

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