DIY Under Eye Pads

DIY Under Eye Pads

My favorite DIY under eye pads!

Bebes! I don’t know about you but I’ve been attending holiday events non-stop since mid October and I’m exhausted! There were the Halloween parties for days, then Thanksgiving gatherings which showed up on my thighs (not complaining just saying)… then Christmas shenanigans and finally New Year’s Eve!

As fun as all of that was, I’m now sitting in front of my vanity space wondering, who is that brown girl with the big hair looking back at me? Team no-sleep showed up on my face, particularly on my under eye and there’s no hiding it. I’m starting to rethink that maybe I should have asked Santa for a face TLC kit instead. Oh well, good thing I know how to make amazing DIY under eye pads and I’m going to share my secret with lucky you! ;)

The main active ingredients for these eye pads are cucumber, rosewater and lavender essential oil. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of movie scenes where ladies are resting with cucumbers on their eyes. There’s a good reason for this. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate puffiness, they  contain a high water content that helps hydrate the skin and it’s cooling affect helps decrease the flow of blood around your eyes, which helps relieve swelling. Try not to sample your cucumbers too much during this process or you’ll have none left for your homemade eye pad recipe.


Rosewater, my favorite go to for anything skin related has so many benefits you’ll have to google for a more in depth explanation of all the things it’s good for, otherwise this whole blog might just turn into a rosewater essay! Seriously though, aside from it’s anti-inflammatory properties rosewater, helps strengthen skin cells and assists in regenerating skin tissues. It also tightens capillaries, reduces, blotchiness, helps clean pores, aids in healing scars/cuts/wounds and moisturizes the skin. As I mentioned I can go on forever about this wondrous tonic but I’ll just leave it there, in google.


Last but not least I use lavender essential oil to bring it all together. It’s skin health benefits are also bountiful as it’s a mild bacteria fighter that helps prevent breakouts and heals acne. Topical application of lavender also helps lighten your skin and get this, it helps reduce wrinkles! Yes, please!


This is what you’ll need:

Parchment paper (wax paper), A small glass mixing bowl (I prefer glass because you can rest assured that its toxin free), a blender, a mixing utensil, vegan gelatin, filtered water, a small organic cucumber (I like to use English or Persian cucumbers because they’re not usually covered in wax), rose water and lavender essential oil (make sure its 100% essential).


Step 1 – place the cucumber and filtered water in the blender and blend until it’s super smooth. Then strain the cucumber juice into a container and set aside. Do not peel the cucumber, it’s the most nutritious part of the fruit. 


Step 2 – Pour 1 tbs of warm water (make sure it’s not overly hot as this could kill the nutrients found in the ingredients and we need those to be alive), ½ tbs cucumber juice and ½ tbs rosewater into the glass bowl.


Step 3 – Slowly whisk in the gelatin so it doesn’t clump up on you.


Step 4 – Then whisk in the 2 drops of lavender essential oil and make sure to mix well.


Step 5 – Pour the mixture onto a parchment paper (wax paper) lined baking sheet and allow it to cool down a little. This will create a slightly more firm gel.


Step 6 – Cut the gel into half-moon shapes and place the parchment paper lined baking into fridge for 25-30 minutes and then apply them to you under eye area.


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