DIY - My 3 Favorite Vitamin E Skin Masks

DIY - My 3 Favorite Vitamin E Skin Masks

Dearly Beloved Bebes, we gather here today to acknowledge that by now, winter has all but killed our once glowing and supple skin – which is why I’ve decided to make this blog about recovering from winter’s skin unkindness.

Just the other day as I was doing my daily beautifying ritual, I couldn’t help but notice that my skin was looking a little dull and patchy. As I leaned in to see what was going on with my skin, my husband walks in and there it was again, horrible dull patchiness. Winter isn’t over yet, but my epidermis sure the hell is over it! Can I get a witness?!?

I took to my handy dandy resources and put together 3 do-it-yourself moisture recovery regimens for our seemingly lifeless winter skin. After trying a few formulas, I absolutely loved the results of these three masks and thought I’d share the wealth. You’re welcome! 


  • The average adult has enough skin to cover about 21sq.ft.
  • Said amount of skin can weigh 9lbs.
  • Has more than 11 miles of blood vessels
  • Contains approximately 300 million skin cells
  • Skin is about 15% of your body weight
You see why it’s important to keep her happy right?...


Why Vitamin E oil is my go-to when it comes down to anything skin: let’s start off by highlighting its free radical and oxidation blocking power. These two facilitate aging, which means they cause wrinkles, blemishes, skin spots, etc. and we don’t want that! Which is why I’ve selected Vitamin E as the rockstar for this feature. Anywho, here’s what I’ve put together for you to try:


NOTE: You’ll need the usual suspects: a small glass mixing bowl, a spatula or spoon of some sort and the ingredients for the selected mask you’ll be trying today. Also, keep in mind to first open your pores by washing your face with warm water (not hot) for best results and always ending with a cold splash of water to re-close the pores. *never skip these step*
A) Fave Dry Skin Relief Mask - Vitamin E and Honey: this simple 2 ingredient mix will have your skin living its best life in no time! Literally all you need is Vitamin E oil and Honey.
The bee nectar has been used for millennia throughout the world for all sorts of remedies and for very good reasons too. It has even been uncovered from Egyptian tombs dating back thousands of years and get this, it was still edible! If that isn’t anti-microbial and moisture power, I don’t know what is! To top things off honey is a great skin exfoliator and after applying it to the skin, it helps remove dead skin cells to reveal a more vibrant surface. (Vitamin E Oil benefits are listed above)
Directions: mix one tablespoon of raw organic honey with fifteen drops of vitamin E in your bowl and spread the mixture evenly on your face and let it do its thing for about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and finish it off with a splash of cold water to reclose the pores and pat dry with a clean towel.
B) My Oily Skin Recovery Regimen - Vitamin E, Rose Water, and Glycerin: I love rosewater for its ability to remove dirt and oil from clogged pores and its anti-inflammatory abilities that help calm redness. It also helps clear acne and provides eczema relief among other things – need I say more? Glycerin is a great emollient, as in it is an excellent skin soother. It also can draw moisture into the area it is applied to and goes well with any skin type.
Directions: mix 1 tablespoon of Glycerin, ½ tablespoon of Rosewater and about 10 drops of vitamin E into your handy glass bowl and then apply it to your face. Let it sit for about 20 minutes to allow your skin sufficient time to absorb all the goodness. Then wash your face, first with warm water and then with cold to close your pores again. I cannot emphasize the importance of the cold-water ritual at the end. The last thing we need is to walk around this dusty world with pores wide open!
C) My Fave Face Cleanser - Vitamin E and Turmeric Powder: Turmeric’s natural ability to soothe inflammation has helped it land amongst the list of superfoods. In recent years it has gained much deserved popularity amongst health-conscious folks for its anti-inflammatory as well as its antioxidant properties. The best part is, depending on your need, it can be used either topically or you can ingest it – or both!
Directions: mix 1 ½ tablespoons of turmeric powder and 20 (or so) drops of vitamin E into that nifty glass bowl of yours and apply it to your face… leave it on until it dries, this usually takes about 15 minutes. Then, you guessed it, wash your face thoroughly with warm (not hot) water, then with cold water – to close the pores - pat dry the area with a clean towel and bam! You have an extra squeaky-clean mug with zero chemical harshness.
One last thing – applicable to all face regimens, both listed and otherwise – always apply moisturizer at the end as the final touch. Your skin will thank you!
Be sure to send me feedback and let me know how you really feel. Until next time, Cheers!

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