What is Halal Certified Cosmetics?

What is Halal Certified Cosmetics?

When I started writing this blog, the many facets of halal beauty became very apparent to me. I wasn’t sure if I should just get right into explaining exactly what Halal Certified Cosmetics are without sharing how I learned of it – and why I believe it is going to be the next major standard for the Natural Beauty industry.

The word halal itself is an Arabic word that means “permissible” and is known for being synonymous with a certain grade of food within Muslim culture. It is a standard of cleanliness that started in the middle east and has been around for hundreds of years. Halal cosmetics, on the other hand is a little more contemporary. From my understanding, it has only been around approximately thirty years. This explains why many people are not familiar with the term, or the certification process. I mean, even my mother, who is far more knowledgeable in our traditions than me, was shocked to learn that there was such a thing as halal beauty – certified or otherwise.

How did I find out about it? Through a buyer who asked me if we were halal certified. That piqued my curiosity and lead me to do some research. I wanted to know everything about it – did this lean more into the natural beauty side of things? As I dug in, I was amazed to find how wholesome products had to be to receive this certification. The audit itself was unbelievably scrutinous and honestly, I wasn’t so sure we would pass it, regardless we decided to go for it anyway. I figured that if our products didn’t meet halal certification standards, we would simply adjust until they did.

I was determined to become a halal certified cosmetic brand not just to ensured customers that our products are amongst the cleanest in their category, I also felt compelled to give back to the beautiful culture my family was a part of. I thought, “what a better way to give back, than to open yet another long overdue door of inclusivity?”.

When my team and I decided to create a simple tiktok announcement video about becoming halal certified, we had no idea the buzz it would create. We were so proud of having passed the fine-comb audit that Halal Watch World conducted on our products and manufacturer, that we just wanted to share our joy with you. Little did we know it would go viral! The amount of support we received was overwhelming. As the day went on, I couldn’t help but wonder why halal beauty wasn’t talked about when the demand for it is only second to Natural Beauty?

So, what exactly are Halal Certified Cosmetics, and what does the audit entail? –

Halal Certified Cosmetics (not to be confused with Halal-friendly or Halal-compliant*) are products that have undergone an unbelievably detailed audit by a credible organization, to ensure that the ingredients used are A) sustainable/ cognizant of the environment, B) do not contain any pork, alcohol, insects, nor toxic ingredients, and C) are not at risk of being cross contaminated nor being stored with products that aren’t halal-friendly*. 

I was a little nervous (ok, a lot nervous) the entire time the audit was taking place. Firstly, it demanded a lot from my manufacturer (and they are already incredibly busy), they had to provide detailed lists on ingredients and every single ingredient had to be traceable – all the way back to the supplier. The auditor also wanted to know everything – including where the raw materials were made and where they were being sourced from. Nuts right!?! Let me tell you that this was one of the toughest audits Lyda Beauty has undergone since we were founded – and you were worth it!

Do you see why I believe Halal Certification is so important and why it is going to be the next big thing in natural beauty now? You really must be on top of your game to reach this caliber of quality.


Until next time my love, be well!



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