This is a marathon not a sprint

This is a marathon not a sprint
I want to take a moment to send love to Nipsey Hussle's family. The man was doing big things for his community and it broke my heart to hear that such an amazing leader was taken so tragically. May he rest in peace.

Hi Bebes, 

I'm a little sore from my work out but never the less in fairly high spirits.  

Every week before writing my blog I review my emails/ messages and really set out to address your inquiries. Lately you have really been asking for guidance as to where to start with any given project. Although, we are all in different phases of our projects, (contrary to popular belief) the single most important thing is not branding or social media or finding suppliers, etc... the number one thing on your list should be YOUR MINDSET! 

I will not say this lightly... whatever your endeavor, YOU MUST DECIDE TO COMMIT TO IT, PURSUE IT AND BE READY TO SEE IT THROUGH TO THE FINISH LINE NO MATTER WHAT (without pushing someone down the staircase). Seriously though, this is where those big girl panties come into play.  

Depending on how "crazy" your idea is, know that there will be tears of frustration, exhaustion, moments of low morale, ton's of no's, re-evaluations/problem solving, people stealing your ideas and loads of coffee, to name a few. However, come rain or flood, if you build a strong ship (think Noah's ark, not kidding) you will succeed. Like Nipsey said, "This is a marathon not a sprint", so buckle up and prepare accordingly!

Start by being your project's number one fan, I mean the die hard kind of fan. The kind of fan that even if your favorite artist is caught lip-syncing, you're going to love them anyway, kind of fan. I'm talking border line cognitive dissonance. If need be, you must be willing to walk through mud in your new designer whatever's. Let me put it like this, if you don't get to the finish line with a few scars and less hair, it's probably not the finish line.

Some of us will be improving things that have already been invented. Others will be doing things that haven't even been invented yet. Both, will take perseverance and your undivided attention. Initially, this will entail less outings with family and friends, less binge watching shows, less shopping and more alone time, as to dedicate all your focus on your goals. No it won't stay like this forever, just until things settle into a steady flow and you can set the project into autopilot (which can feel like forever). Again, it is definitely a marathon so pace yourself or you will burn out before the finish line. 

Take a professional athlete for example, to be able to stay competitive they first convince themselves that they can do it. They envision it, then they play the sequence in their mind a few times and then finally execute the game plan. Depending on the sport, they even try to predict what the opposing team can and will do to stop them and plan around that as well. Sure there's practice and tons of it but in order to win, before taking the swing or making the throw, what they practice the most is being in the right mind set, period. Be assured that it never gets easier, you just get better!

Make it a fantastic week Bebes!


Love always,


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