We are currently going through a pretty scary world-wide pandemic. It seems that everywhere you look, there is a mention of the Corona Virus (covid-19) and for good reasons. It is spreading like wildfire across the globe, and no one was prepared for it. At first, I didn’t really understand why everyone was posting funny toilet paper memes all over social media. I hadn’t gone to the grocery store in a couple of weeks and had not seen the frenzy happening within store walls.
Honestly, I was one of those that didn’t take the pandemic too seriously. My wake-up call was when I saw the empty shelves at the grocery store last week. I recall standing there observing in awe – watching the checkout lines get bigger by the minute – and my heart just dropped. I decided to leave, the one thing I needed was all gone - yup you guessed it, toilet paper – the memes now made sense to me. My perception of the level of seriousness in the situation at hand hit me like a ton of bricks. I decided to use a stop-and-breathe technique to calm down, go home, and make decisions from a non-altered state of mind. It's not like me to worry or panic much but I came up with a plan anyway, just in case. I figured that if the Coronavirus didn’t kill me surely the hoarders' lack of consideration for their neighbor would, as canned and dry goods were quickly disappearing.


Several friends called me to vent their worries. I noticed that most were more concerned with all the apocalyptic activities going on across the city more so than the virus itself. Another friend sent me videos of people crying out of frustration from not being able to buy everyday things like baby diapers and formula. After a few calls, I decided to meditate to become more centered. It was clear that everyone was operating from a place of fear. The constant mention of the virus had ignited their “flight or fight” mechanism and that was leading up to all the inconsiderate hoarding. I couldn’t help but notice the lack of problem-solving skills from the people in these videos. Fear is an inhibitor! It’s nearly impossible to operate adequately with so much distress. It’s like fear feeds on our hope and creativity.
I noticed that I was able to see solutions to the problems people were complaining about the most from a more zen mind. The lack of diaper availability could easily be solved with, good old-fashioned cloth diapers… and the baby formula was a concept we lived without growing up. I remember, as an infant, being fed broths, cooked veggies, fruits and sometimes even spicy food! I’m not giving nutritional advice of any sort here. I’m simply trying to convey that there are alternatives to the things we’ve been so accustomed to. It is easy to forget to think outside of the box when we’re so used to getting everything in a box. Instant gratification hasn't helped the stretch of the imagination much either. Let us remember that we live in a time of information accessibility. That little device that never leaves your side can answer any question you have, what a gift! Let us use these devices more intelligently and calm down a bit. This is a great opportunity to exercise our creativity, and now with the mandated quarantine, maybe even finally start working on that project you've been wanting to get to.


If I may, I suggest the first thing you look for is some sort of meditation and breathing technique, one that resonates with you. It’ll help you find your footing and hopefully release the fear. This, in turn, will help you make more responsible decisions from a less stressful place. I mean what if we all calmly approached the situation, and maybe scanned the internet for solutions, that work for you, instead of impulsively running to your local market and joining the mob of hoarders? While you’re at it, share your findings on social media. Who knows you might help inspire others to think outside their fear too.
I can’t tell you what a life changer it’s been for me, to be able to stop-and-breathe in the middle of a hype. It’s prevented me from more trouble than I can say, but more importantly, it’s really been the catalyst for the peaceful love state I now operate from. It’s amazing how something so simple like silence, can have such a huge impact on our life. It’s a game-changer for sure! We are a resilient species… whatever you decide to do, please be more conscientious when shopping. Try to understand that we’re all going through the same thing. If we each do our part, we’ll soon see that there’s plenty to go around. Love one another.
“A bird sitting on a tree is not afraid of the branch breaking from underneath it, because its trust is not on the branch but rather on her ability to fly.”
– Unknown
Peace & Blessings
Kari G

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