Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape

Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape
Most of us take notice of all the beautiful eye shape varieties that greet us as we make our way through our day, (or not) depending on how social we’re feeling. One thing is for sure, “the windows to the soul” aka your peepers, are usually the first thing people notice when addressing you so why not make sure they look their absolute best? I don’t know about you but even on my laziest day, my eye makeup game is on point *clicks mouth* and it makes the difference, especially for those last-minute brunches with our favorite people! 


Eyes not only come in different gorgeous hues, they also come in many stunning shapes and sizes. Some eyes are slightly turned upward at the end, while some are rounder and others have hoods that ever so gently tuck away the eye-crease. There are as many eye shapes as there are people but most fall under one of 8 categories, which I’ll cover here.


The chances you’ll need to know how to apply eyeliner to all the afore mentioned eye-shapes (outside of your own) is slim to none. Nevertheless, after being asked numerous times how to do eyeliner for very specific eye shapes, I decided to consult with my professional make-up artists to give you the best possible answer, to the ever so popular question “How should I do my eyeliner for my eye-shape?”.


This is the most symmetrical of all the eye shapes and tends to be the easiest shape for the application of eyeliner. Essentially, if you have almond shaped eyes follow your heart’s desire on the style of eyeliner you wish to apply but I recommend the winged look, one very particular stamp eyeliner comes to mind *clears throat*
This set is usually defined by an evident crease and visible white under the iris (colored part of the eye). The trick to this type of shape is to elongate it with, what do you know?!?, a winged look. Make sure to keep the line thinner on the inner corners and slightly thicker on the outer corner. My bold Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is the perfect tool to achieve this look. (Zero shame, my eyeliner is the sh*t)
This eye shape has less eyelid space and can cover the crease when its open but isn’t quite a monolid. The best approach for this type of eye is a thicker line at the outer part. Making the ends thick will help the eyeliner be more visible when your eyes are open. Try not to make the mid to inner line too thin so it doesn’t get lost in translation and try not to make it too thick in this same general area as it could make your eyes look small.
The brow bone is less visible and there is no apparent noticeable crease above the eye. The eyeliner solution is to start off with a thinner inner corner and a very thick everything else. The idea here is to make the eyeliner thick enough to be able to see it even after the eyes are fully open.
This type of eye is identified by comparing it to other features of the face. Are they smaller than your nose, mouth, etc. If so just use a light eyeliner maybe even a metallic color to accentuate your eyes and be sure to skip out on the lower lash liner.
If the outer edges of your eyes are slightly turned down make sure to only draw-on the upper eyeliner. You’ll want to start the line from the inner top corner and make sure the liner is drawn on thin working your way to the outer corner, drawing the line thicker as you reach the outer end. Finish it off with a short and slightly upward Cat-eye.
Side note: Coincidentally, my sleek stamp eyeliner is really good for this shape, I’m just saying.
Close Set Eyes:
The space between your eyes should generally be the length of one of your eyes. If the inner edges of your eyes have a smaller space than that they’re typically considered close set. For this type of eyes it is best to draw attention to the inner part of the eye. This is done by applying a thicker line on the inner half of the eyelids.
Wide Set Eyes:
This is the opposite of the above mentioned and all it means is that your eyes have a space between them slightly larger than the length of an eye. To off-set this type of eyes just keep the color concentrated on the inner corners with minimal product on the outer corners and boom! You give the illusion of symmetry.


I’m glad I decided to make a blog about the topic at hand, I too learned a lot and have a greater appreciation for all the unique peepers out there and my oh so talented make-up artists! I hope this article was informative. Don’t get too hung up on whether or not you are following the guide lines I’m sharing, at the end of the day make-up is about getting creative and having fun.


Let me know how this blog helped you and your friends by sending me an email at info@lydabeauty.com or follow and dm me on the gram @lydabeauty 


Until next week Bebes, Byeeeee!


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