DIY - The ultimate peel off face mask!

January 09, 2020

DIY - The ultimate peel off face mask!

Bebes, did you know that your skin is the biggest organ on your body? Its functions are similar to your bestie in that it helps keep you together and protects you from harm. It also functions as a sponge but unlike the bestie, it’s unbiased to what it soaks up. Be it pollutants or minerals it’s all the same to that sexy skin of yours. Whether you spend most of your time indoors or outdoors makes no difference, the air is full of contaminants and your poor skin is working OT, year-round. Believe it or not, the air inside your home could be more toxic than the air outside. So, twice a week, I like to help my skin take a load off by doing a detoxifying regimen that entails a homemade peel off mask — it’s comprised of mineral goodness and pore purifying deliciousness. I will share some of my favorite homemade face masks in the weeks to come but for now, I’ll start off with what I call the wholly trinity. It is made up of coconut activated charcoal, calcium bentonite and gelatin. It’s easy to make (about 5 minutes) and a little goes a long way. The wholly trinity sucks out all the gross stuff your pore skin endures, pun intended, it also pulls out all our unwelcome friends, the blackheads, by default. Byeeee!


What’s so special about this mask?

Here’s The Breakdown:

Calcium Bentonite - is a green clay that has the ability to both absorb and adsorb which makes it great for detoxing. We all know what absorbing means but adsorbing? In short, adsorption means to attract and bind, kind of like a magnet does metal but better. CB has been used for over 30,000 years by tribes around the world for its many health benefits. It is found near volcanoes and contains a high concentration of minerals like calcium, silica, sodium, iron, magnesium and potassium. This is the same green mud those fancy spas use on your face but way lighter on your wallet. 

Bonus Tip: get an edible grade and use it in your water to help alkaline your body and clean the walls of your intestinal tract. This one is definitely worth googling as there are a few more things its good for that has nothing to do with your skin but worth knowing.

Activated Coconut Charcoal - Coconut: when used topically it's great for fighting off acne inducing bacteria as its anti-microbial and inhibits these ugly little dudes from getting too comfy on your skin, all the while softening your skin with natural oils. Activated Charcoal: There’s been quite a hype on activated charcoal in recent years and for a good reason. Charcoal has purifying properties and can help clear up acne as well, think of it as one of nature’s best filtration tools.


The Recipe:

*Avoid metal of any kind when working with Calcium Bentonite; it weakens its adsorption power*

You’ll need a small glass bowl or cup, high quality calcium bentonite, Ancient Earth Secrets’ Activated Coconut Charcoal (or whatever brand you prefer), vegan colorless/flavorless gelatin, a small wooden or plastic spoon and hot water (but not too hot, 100 degrees or less is good).

1 – ½ tsp calcium bentonite clay, 1 teaspoon activated charcoal, and 1 tablespoon vegan gelatin into a glass.

Side note: I also tried this with no gelatin, instead I substituted the gelatin for a second-half tsp of calcium bentonite. It still sucks out all the toxins and leaves your skin smooth, but it does not peel off. This formula you’d have to wash off, all the other steps stay the same including keeping it off desired hair.*

2 - Then add two tablespoons of hot filtered water (I like to use Kangen water due to its high alkalinity) and mix everything well together until it turns into a black smooth paste and set aside.

3 - Open your pores by washing your face with filtered warm water or you can use a steamer and dry your face. (for best results DO NOT skip this step)*

4 - Apply a generous amount of the mixture (preferably with a small non-metal spatula) and leave it on until it’s completely dry. It usually takes about 25-35 minutes. If I’m in a hurry I’ll stand in the sun to help it along or use the blow dryer. It’s all fair game!

5 - Finally, wash your face with warm water, followed by a splash of cold water to close the pores... pat dry with a clean towel and use your favorite moisturizer for a glow even J-Lo would envy! You’re welcome!


XX Lyda



Ok ladies heed my warning, avoid all hair because this mask is that good! I will not be held responsible should you end up looking like the main character from that 90’s flick Powder. IJS*

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